About Us

In 1932, Konmak was founded by H.Hilmi KONYALIOGLU as a small business for iron works and merchandise car production. The second generation, represented by H. Cengiz KONYALIOGLU and with his brothers are Demir Aslan Konyalıoğlu and Ali İrfan Konyalıoğlu founded the highest capacity rolling mill in Denizli in 1968. We produced rolling production profiles, gussets, NPI-NPU cutting edges, etc., since then. In 1979, as KONMAK MACHINE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY TRADE CO., we are the first in Denilzi to produce metal sheet cutting, bending works, frameworks of factory roofs, steel construction products,mixers and grinders, as well as silos for cement, feed and paper industries. Since 1990 Konmak has enlarged its working field by adding new machines for heavy industry. KONMAK MACHINE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY TRADE CO has been managed by the third generation for more than half a century. We are professional in machine industry and have started producing marble machines for KONMER, founded in1996, and since then KONMAK has become one of the biggest marble machinery producer in TURKEY. Being aware of the importance of R&D, KONMAK has added new technologies such as computer-aided manufacturing with CAD and CAM design and CNC machines, so the efficiency and quality increased. By fixing Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, KONMAK has showed that its state and prestige will last. We are reflecting the activities of all products of CNC technology is continuing.

KONMAK A.S. mission is to be a company that within Products, solutions, after-sales services, provide our customers with reliability and high business ethics as their first choice, continuously develop Technologies and it’s aim is to create added value. Our company developed that always uses new technologies with production experience since 1932. Needs of customers are provided the top level which experienced and knowledgeable human resource supports with the last technology production machines. Our customer ‘s request and saticfaction are the most important for us so this is our production policy.

Get past the power, with the participation of all employees, modern production, management and financing techniques, combined with, developing countries and the changing world conditions is to keep the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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