Konmak Design Center

Research and Development and Design

Computer Software provides a great advantage to companies in machine design. Our company is aware of this; modeling, assembly, disassembling, sketches, processing, analysis, animation etc. of the machine parts are carried out in a computer-aided and engineering oriented system.

Research - Development department has adopted the principle of customer-oriented design in line with new technologies.

R&D officers use market needs and customer demands as design inputs. These inputs have great importance in the success of the designed product. This means a strong communication with the customer.

3D Modeling in product design has become a standard today. Accordingly, R&D officers use the latest technology products. Thanks to 3D Modeling, the design and production process is shortened and information sharing can be provided with the customer.

R&D officers use state-of-the-art computers and state-of-the-art design and analysis programs at a professional level to meet market and customer demands.

The products that are designed and analyzed are produced on high technology CNC machines.
Programs used for design and analysis;

Autodesk Inventor Professional,
Autodesk AutoCAD,
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical,
Autodesk 3ds Max. Design
Autodesk Showcase
Autodesk Alias ​​Design
EDGE-CAM for processing 2D and 3D drawings of created models on CNC machines
It is used.

After confirming the accuracy of the parts processed in CAM, the codes of the parts are sent to CNC Machines.
The purpose of designing marble machines is; The machines provide ease of use to the operators by reducing the body power of the operators by maximizing the high technology.

Machined parts on CNC Machines provide high precision, high quality, minimum time, minimum labor.

KONMAK constantly monitors R&D activities for the modern age, working unmanned in the future and continues according to technology.